No Down Days


Weather Days

Black Ops Valdez offers the largest number of land and sea down day activities in Alaska.

No matter what anyone says or claims, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Alaska is a very rugged and unpredictable place.

Each and every year people come to Alaska to go skiing and snowboarding and are shut down by weather. It’s just the reality. Some people come year after year with great luck and ski their whole trip. You never know. Why take the chance?…because when it is good there is no place in the world like Alaska, and more specifically Valdez and Thompson pass!



When weather prohibits safe flying, with Black Ops Valdez, you’ve got options. 

Although we average 80% fly days, the same storms and incredible snowfall that make this place amazing, do occasionally prevent us from flying. If relaxing or enjoying the lodge or Valdez isn’t of interest, we offer a variety of activities including…

Snowcat Skiing + Tours
Sled Skiing
Boat Tours
Hot Tub + Sauna
Cross Country Skiing
Ice Climbing
Snowmobiling Tours
Firearm Shooting
Ski Touring
Shopping + Museums


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