Valdez, alaska


Chugach Range Terrain



Black Ops Valdez operates in the legendary Chugach Mountain Range surrounding Valdez Alaska and Thompson Pass. The area is vast, with over 2,500 square miles of glaciated mountain terrain. 

Over 1000” of snow each year and a maritime snowpack combine to provide world class skiing and snowboarding conditions. Our heli operation covers an extensive area with runs averaging between 2,500 and 6,000 feet. Our snowcats operate in 7 permitted zones that stretch from tidewater Valdez to mile 35 of the Richardson Highway in the Tsaina Valley, allowing us to have an enormous amount of options depending on the time of year, And the snowmobile terrain is endless. Based from Robe Lake Lodge, we are within minutes to a variety of terrain for ANY AGE OR ABILITY. Whether you’re looking for steep couloirs, wide open valleys, big mountain faces, or scenic glacier cruisers, we can take you there.

Low Angle Terrain
20 – 30 Degrees

Low angle terrain makes for great warm up runs or great skiing for those just getting into backcountry skiing and boarding. When many people think of heli-skiing they think of the newest ski DVD of a professional skier taking a crazy line down a huge face. That does not have to be your reality to enjoy heli-skiing. You can enjoy endless low angle runs with fresh powder all day long.


Medium Angle Terrain
30 – 40 Degrees

Medium angle runs step it up a little and let you enjoy cruising speeds in powder runs. These are the sweet spot runs that you can glide across fresh powder at your top speeds and feel great doing it. Many people just want these runs one after another all day long.

High Angle Terrain
40 – 65 Degrees

High angle runs start getting out of the comfort zone for some skiers, other skiers thrive in this range and this is what Alaska skiing is to them. There is endless steep and deep options in the Chugach Range. From wide open faces like in this picture to tight chutes. We always take a couple low/medium runs to get a feel for the group ability before we jump into these runs.


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