Snowcat and Snowmachine 



Snowcat & Snowmachine Skiing and Riding

Experience Alaska snowcat and sled-skiing in Valdez and Thompson Pass! We offer a variety of modes of transportation including snowcats, UTVs, and snowmachines for motorized access. We utilize over a half dozen operating areas spread from Valdez to the interior side of Thompson Pass, giving us the largest permitted snowcat and sled-skiing area in the U.S. In any one of which we may have maintained roads. This allows us a variety of options depending on snow conditions and weather at any given time of our season.

Although we cannot access much of the same terrain that we can with a helicopter, all of our machines are effective at climbing and accessing varied terrain. The terrain accessed ranges from mellow to extreme in each of our operating areas offering a variety for different skill levels.

Our machines are inspected daily to ensure your safety, and that your Valdez skiing experience is a positive one! With our small fleet of snowcats, UTVs and snowmachines, you can be assured we will do all we can to get you out depending on the weather.

In our snowcats and snow kittens you can enjoy riding up the mountain in warmth and comfort. We operate two restored Thiokol Sprytes which are truly part of American skiingกฏs history. The Spryte was widely used in the 1970's and 80's at resorts and ski areas across the country. Many of these cats are still in operation today!  We also operate our newer Bombardier groomer cat to build our road systems and transport guests when not being used to open up or maintain our roads.

Additionally, our snow kittens are new CanAm Defender Max tracked UTVs which can carry 5 guests up our pre-built cat roads. And with our fleet of new ski-doo mountain sleds we can access the same terrain as the snow cats, but also double to other areas and locations where the snow cats cannot if needed.

Black Ops Valdez began as a snowcat and snow machine skiing guided service in 2004. We remain the go to local authority in mechanized skiing utilizing snowcats, snowmachines and mini snowcat "kittens" UTVs on tracks.

When joining us for snowcat or snowmachine skiing we may use any or all of our tracked vehicles to provide the best skiing & riding options depending on current weather and snow conditions. We do not specifically sell sled vs. snowcat but instead choose our mode of access the day of your booked activity depending on many factors.

When you book with us, our guides will decide where and how we will be getting out into the field the day of your trip. If we have a large group, we may utilize one of our many cat roads and opt for our larger snowcats. If there are a fewer number of guests on any given day, or conditions are not optimal specifically off of one of our cat roads, we may opt to use snowmachines. We cannot guarantee one mode of access over another, but we can guarantee we will deliver the best product we can given current conditions and weather.





An enclosed-cab, truck sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow


A motorized vehicle with runners or skis in the front and tracks in the rear for traveling over snow (also known as snowmachines) in Alaska and commonly referred to as "sleds"


A tracked side-by-side UTV equipped with four-wheel drive capable of seating up to 6 passengers