Black ops valdez


our operation

in Valdez, Alaska

Black Ops Valdez was started by Tabatha and Josh Swierk in 2004 when they began doing snowmachine skiing in and around Thompson Pass and Valdez.  In 2008 they started snowcat skiing and in 2012 they began heliskiing after building the Robe Lake Lodge.  

We operate AS350 A-Star/Airbus H125 helicopters for all our heli-skiing. The mountains here are perfect for skiing and snowboarding and our heli-ski runs average between 3,000 and 5,000 feet. 

Our snowcats operate in seven permitted zones that stretch from tidewater Valdez to mile 35 of the Richardson Highway in the Tsaina Valley, allowing us to have an enormous amount of options depending on the time of year. They also add a great way to beat the heli-skiing “down day” on non-flyable days. Besides snowcat skiing, we offer snowmachine skiing and tours, boat tours of Port Valdez, ice climbing, ski touring, and shooting…yes we mean firearms.

Prior to heading out everyone will have the proper safety gear (transceiver, probe, shovel, airbag), and must demonstrate their ability to use them in an emergency situation. Transceiver…put it on, turn it on. If snowmobiling your pack must be worn on your person…not on your sled. While in the field, we are continuously educating our guests and clients on Avalanche Safety and Hazard, and safe practices for traveling in glaciated and mountainous terrain.


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