A FEW videos 
black ops has been featured in


NEW!    YUP / Sammy Carlson

The Dream Factory / TGR

Paradise Waits / TGR

Shredbots / Torstein Horgmo

92 Days In Valdez In Less Than 2 Minutes – TGR Moments

Todd Ligare In Technicolor

TGR – Ski Camping In Valdez – Behind the Line Season 5 Episode 6

TGR – Journey To Valdez – Almost Live Season 4 Episode 8

TGR – Chugach Camping Mission – Almost Live Season 4 Episode 11

TGR – Ralph Backstrom – GoPro TGR Athlete Video Series Season 2 Episode 4

TGR – This Is Valdez – Ralph Backstrom’s GoPro Edit

Roner Vision: Broken Femurs And Flying Oskars

Life is Good in AK: Official Trailer

Valdez Alaska Chugach Heli-Skiing with Black Ops Valdez


Kamase – Sammy Carlson

YUP – Sammy Carlson


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